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Wills and Other Documents You Should Have:

It might not be top on your list, but it is very important to have three documents that Anna Mae Perillo can prepare for you so that you and your family are protected:

Last Will & Testament
Control where your personal property and other assets will go. Designate a suitable guardian for your children. Decide who will be the one to probate your will and make sure your wishes are carried out. Even if you do not have a lot of assets, it is still important to have a will so there will not be a long and arduous process of taking care of things if you pass intestate (without a Will). Even changing the title to your car can be a headache without a will appointing someone to handle your estate.

Living Will & Health Care Proxy
This is the document you will need if you do not want to be kept on life support if you will never have any form of meaningful life again such as if you are in a non-reversible coma or vegetative state. This document can also direct organ donation only if that is something you want to do. You will choose the person and alternates who you trust to carry out your wishes and make healthcare decisions when you are not able to make them on your own.

Power of Attorney
It is important to appoint someone who would be able to pay your bills, go to the bank, and otherwise do what you would be able to do for yourself if you become hospitalized, incapacitated, or even if you need to be out of the country for a time.

Protect yourself, your family and loved ones and allow Anna Mae Perillo to prepare these three documents for you at a very affordable rate. You will tuck them away for hopefully a long time to come having the peace of mind knowing you have thought through these important details, that your wishes will be carried out, and those you care about (even if it is a favorite charity) will be taken care of.

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