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Divorce Mediation


In Mediation, Anna Mae Perillo will meet with the couple together, gather full financial information, assist you in doing your budgets, go issue per issue helping you to resolve all issues of custody, parenting time, support, and equitable distribution, and prepare a non-binding writing for you to have reviewed.

Although the benefits tangible and intangible are numerous, some of the important advantages include:

You will stay in control of your divorce and your lives going forward;

Healthier for the Children
An agreement can be customized to your children, children will thrive when their parents can work together for their benefit, and the children’s emotional needs can be taken into account. When a couple has children, a divorce will not be an end of your relationship, but the beginning of a new relationship as co-parents. The mediation process can be a great start to establishing that new relationship so that children will continue to thrive long after the divorce;

Costs are Drastically Reduced
A typical mediation takes about 3 sessions lasting between an hour to two hours each; there is no wasted time sitting at the courthouse or writing nasty letters and motions, so thousands of dollars are saved. For the majority of the work you will pay only the mediator- a single fee instead of double that. Most divorce mediations cost ~$3,000, which includes a draft Marital Settlement Agreement.  Also, if an expert is required the couple can select and pay one expert fee instead of often two or three experts often used in a litigated case;

Time Savings
You will be in charge of scheduling your sessions and bringing your issues to a close instead of waiting months and even years to be reached by the Court. There are couples waiting two years or more for a trial date whiled living in uncertainty and with anxiety. With mediation we can move things along at the pace you choose.

Parties May Maintain A More Peaceful Relationship Going Forward
Due to the amicable process chosen, the parties can maintain a healthier relationship going forward which is especially important if they will be co-parenting children for years to come. By choosing Mediation, you can have peace of mind that you approached your divorce in a dignified, self-respecting manner that will help you move forward and have the family restructured in the best and healthiest way.

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