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Anna Mae Perillo is one of the most trusted mediators in the State of New Jersey. She is neutral, compassionate, and knowledgeable and can deal with complex and simple matters in a cost-effective manner. She will help parties develop solutions in the best interests of the entire family. I have been practicing family law for years. I have seen many mediators and few have the skill and ability that she possesses. I have reviewed dozens of her well crafted and evenhanded agreements. I therefore confidently refer both male and female clients to her. I have also attended her mediation training wherein she trains individuals throughout the State on how to be a mediator. Her trainings are by far the best mediation trainings given in the State. A good mediator helps the couple formulate a long lasting Agreement which is mutually beneficial. When faced with life’s most difficult situations, you can trust her to help you develop sound solutions which benefit you and your family.


Facing divorce is devastating, as well as difficult and overwhelming, but with Anna Mae and her skillful, knowledgeable  guidance, I feel my former husband and I were able to reach a very fair agreement that we were both satisfied with.

But it doesn’t end there. Anna Mae holds many personal qualities and talents. She has the ability to remain neutral throughout the entire process. She is understanding and patient and will go above and beyond her duties to sustain a smooth journey from start to finish. She always makes herself available to answer questions or to ease any fears.

I appreciate and value her to this day for paving the way for us. My relationship with my former husband is very comfortable and friendly, and I know I have Anna Mae to thank for that, as well!


She is a blessing on many levels and I highly recommend her to anyone who plans on divorcing.


Anna Mae was a great help in guiding us through some very difficult waters. Her experience in the field of divorce, but also her compassion and understanding of the complexities of strained relationships helped us get through the process in a timely and cost-effective manner. The result was an equitable separation that didn’t leave scars where we are now both able to live our lives knowing that we did the right thing.

Collaborative law or mediation may not for everyone however if you are somewhat reasonable and want to get out of the situation without paying through the nose in a way that is respectful to each other, then I would highly recommend Anna Mae.


We were involved in a very complicated personal injury litigation case. Anna Mae Perillo epitomizes what an attorney should be. She was patient with us and diligent in her efforts in every way. She goes above and beyond. We cannot say enough about her. We felt completely confident in her skills. She was always there for us and paid attention to the details of the case which made her an effective advocate. She obtained a fantastic settlement for us. She is a credit to her profession!

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