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Municipal Courts


It can certainly be a stressful time if you have been charged with even a minor traffic violation or a disorderly persons offense. Many people think they will just go down to the Court house alone and hope for the best. Sometimes that approach works out well, but sometimes it does not.

When you hire an attorney who is well-versed in municipal court matters, first you send a message to the judge and prosecutor that you are taking the matter seriously which will inure to your benefit. Also, having an attorney there who can address the prosecutor and judge can assist you in significantly cutting fines, points, or jail time if applicable. Certain pleas can result in civil liability if not handled correctly. While it may not seem that bad to plead to a moving violation with just a few points, that plea can result in surcharges from the Division of Motor Vehicles, increased insurance rates for years to come, or even losing your right to renew your automobile insurance.

If you have been charged with a traffic offense or other matter in a municipal court, call someone with experience, call Anna Mae Perillo.

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