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Personal Injury

When choosing a personal injury attorney, go for experience and for an attorney who will give you the individual attention you deserve. Anna Mae Perillo cares.

Anna Mae Perillo has been representing clients who have been injured in automobile accidents and slip and fall accidents for over 20 years. She has secured very generous awards for her clients because she always goes above and beyond for her clients.

Why choose Anna Mae Perillo for your personal injury case?


  • Anna Mae will be available to you personally sharing her years of experience with you and taking your individual needs into account. You will not get lost in the shuffle of a large law firm where a secretary, paralegal,or new attorney will know more about your case than the lead counsel.

  • Her attention to detail is a significant reason for her positive results.

  • Her presentations to Court and to adversaries are thorough and persuasive.

  • As Anna Mae Perillo’s other areas of practice reflects, she is an experienced and artful negotiator.

  • Ms. Perillo’s many years as a Court appointed civil arbitrator for the Monmouth County Superior Court shows the confidence the Court has in her skills in evaluating cases.


Call Anna Mae Perillo as soon after your accident as possible. Do not sign anything or give a statement to anyone (other than the police if required at the accident scene) before consulting with Anna Mae Perillo.

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