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Mediation Preparation

Getting a divorce can be overwhelming, but Anna Mae Perillo will help you sort your assets, debts, and budgets during the mediation sessions. To keep costs down and make negotiations go more smoothly, you can begin to gather the following information which is not all necessary for the first session, but which will be needed eventually:

Retirement Information

Statements for all retirement accounts including 401k’s, IRA’s, 403b’s, Keogh’s, cash balance or deferred benefit pensions you and your spouse has any interest in. If there were contributions made prior to the marriage it will be helpful to find the values of the plans for the date of the marriage.


Recent statements showing payoff balances for your first mortgage, home equity loan, and/or line of credit.

Credit Cards

Statements for any credit card debt either or both of you have incurred.

Automobile Loans and Leases

Recent statements showing the duration of leases and monthly payments and payoff balances for automobile loans with monthly payments. Also with regard to automobiles, you may want to go on the Kelly Bluebook web site to determine the value of the vehicles.

Personal Loans

Information on personal loans you owe or others owe to you and/or your spouse. Bring in any promissory notes or other proof of the loan if any exists.

Student Loans

Any documentation on the balances of students loans for either you or your spouse or college age child.

Life Insurance

Information including the name of the company, policy number, death benefits, cash surrender value if not a term policy.

A LIST OF ASSETS- Include boats, motorcycles, classic cars, jet ski’s, time shares, significant personal property such as valuable artwork, antiques, family heirlooms, and other items of significance. *

LIST OF DEBTS- Include mortgages, personal loans, credit cards, medical bills, debt consolidation loans, etc.*

BUDGETS- We will assist you in doing your budgets in mediation, but it is a good time to begin to gather information about your expenses, looking over your checkbook ledger, online bill pay history, debit card statements so we can estimate what you pay for utilities, repairs of home and automobiles, food, activities you and your children are involved in, private school tuition, child care, etc.*To get a jump on filling out a Case Information Statement you may call our office or go to, click forms, legal practice forms, family division.

TAX RETURNS, W-2’s, and PAYSTUBS- Gather the last two or three years of tax returns and W-2’s, and/or 1099’s and bring 3 recent pay stubs.

BUSINESS INFORMATION- If you or your spouse own a business, begin to gather business income information such as QuickBooks ledgers, corporate tax returns, and other information that will be useful in discussing your interest in the business.

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